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What is human factors?

When we tell most people we work in the field of human factors we are met with a blank stare. Explaining human factors into a simplified concept is one we even struggle with. What exactly IS human factors? The main goal of human factors is to reduce error and influence behaviour. Human factors explores all elements of a concept such […]



Project Metis: A summary of internal research for 2016/2017

As technology quickly advances, so does much of our surroundings. Smart Cities and Communities is a vision whereby technology is integrated into all the elements of a city, such as its schools, transportation systems, shops, waste management, hospitals, and law enforcement. Much of the current research available is on the technical development Smart Cities and Communities and avoids taking on […]



What are the personal impacts of data sharing?

In a recent internal study we conducted here at K Sharp, we found that 73% of people admitted to not reading all the terms and conditions before downloading a mobile application. In addition, a further piece of research found that 100% of people asked felt that all aspects of their life were personal when it came to sharing them online. […]


Introducing K Sharp

Human science research is about understanding how people think, feel and interact in order to predict how they will do it in the future. Understanding how we will act and react to different things, then it means we can make products and services what people will not only find useful, but will delight in using.

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