About Us

We provide strategic and applied human sciences research, cultural and behavioural analysis, and technology adoption consultancy.

Our products are the output of this intellectual effort in the form of innovative ideas, strategies, development, action plans, recommendations and paths to exploit them.

Our ethos:

  • We pride ourselves in being responsive, flexible and we take care to work with customers to develop solutions that exploit technology in a way that enables them do things more quickly, easily, make better informed decisions and understand the consequences of these decisions. We work closely with both customers and partners to establish trust and long-term relationships. We believe in treating others as we would want to be treated, with openness, honesty and integrity. We focus on the customer and the outcomes they want. We listen carefully to their requirements and respond rapidly to their requests.

Our skill areas:

  • Aviation technology, operations and infrastructure;
  • Design and development of land platform systems; and synthetic training in all 3 military environments.
  • Electrical and electronic systems, networks, and the human-machine interface, simulation technology design, development and implementation skills.

Our competences:

  • Human Behavioural Sciences, information management and communications technology, battlespace management, command and control and information superiority. Operational analysis and research capabilities. Space research and technology, policy and strategy. Project Management.

Our mission:

  • To enthuse the customer through our passion for technology and how people use it. To understand better the factors that influence how customers interact with their tasks, the systems and tools they use, and the environments they operate in. To improve the customer’s systems and processes so they can access, process, utilise and exploit information more effectively. To see an excellent outcome for the client.

With proven experience in every part of the Systems engineering life-cycle and its application within varying sizes of project covering:

User and System Requirements Capture and Definition

User and System Requirements Analysis

Conceptual Design and Evaluation

Preliminary and Detailed Design

Usability Evaluations

Systems Integration & Testing