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K Sharp and Cardiff University Celebrate a collaborative milestone in Defence Technology with a Human Senses Study for Dstl

K Sharp and Cardiff University Celebrate a collaborative milestone in Defence Technology with a Human Senses Study for Dstl Image

In an exciting development in the field of defence technology, K Sharp, in collaboration with Cardiff University School of Psychology, proudly announces the successful delivery of Phase 1 of a multiphase study aiming to develop a deep understanding of the human Senses and their interrelationships in different environments, commissioned by the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) through the R-Cloud framework.

The study represents the beginnings of a ground-breaking approach to defence and security. It is focused on understanding how humans use their own senses, both individually or in combination to perceive and understand the environment around them. This pioneering work has significant implications for national security and defence strategies.

The first phase of the project concentrated on determining the maturity of the research field and how it can be applied to a particular use case.  The project will continue to develop primary and secondary research in this field to grow the understanding and the opportunities for application in defence.

The collaboration between K Sharp Ltd and Cardiff University has been instrumental in achieving these objectives. Leveraging K Sharp's expertise in applied human sciences and Cardiff University's prestigious academic research team and the cutting-edge research capabilities, the team has successfully navigated the complexities of this innovative project, setting a standard for future research in the field.

The partnership between K Sharp Ltd and Cardiff University, both based in Wales, has brought unique advantages to this project. The geographical proximity within Wales, known for its vibrant academic and technological environment, has fostered efficient collaboration and resource sharing. This local connection not only streamlines the project's logistics but also contributes to Wales' growing stature as a hub for innovative research and development in defence technology, enhancing the region's economic and academic landscape.

Barry Kirby, MD of K Sharp and overall project lead, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: "The successful delivery of Phase 1 of this study is a testament to the synergy between industry and academia. Our collaboration with Cardiff University has not only advanced our understanding of sensory effects in defence but has also set the stage for further innovative research in this domain."

Professor Phillip Morgan, leading the research team at Cardiff University, added, "This collaboration highlights the importance of academic and industry partnerships in pushing the boundaries of science and technology. The findings from this study will significantly contribute to the development of new defence strategies and technologies."

The project is scheduled to continue through to the Financial Year 2025, with further phases aiming to build upon the successes and learnings of Phase 1. The collaboration between K Sharp Ltd and Cardiff University, supported by Dstl, is poised to make significant strides in the realm of defence technology, contributing to a safer and more secure future.

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