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Climate Ergonomics

While traditional ergonomics – otherwise known as Human Factors – focuses on human wellbeing in their immediate environments, Climate Ergonomics takes a deep dive into human interactions, and their effect on the macro-climate.

Climate change is a hot topic – and it’s something that impacts us on an organisational, community, and personal level.  

At K Sharp, we’re pioneering Climate Ergonomics in a bid to help organisations, communities and individuals drive positive change.

The Climate Ergonomics Guide for Businesses, created by us here at K Sharp and published by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors is now available here: Climate ergonomics: embedding sustainability into everyday business

There’s never been a greater call for us all to become more climate conscious, but the sheer scope of the topic means that it’s hard to see how one person making a change can have an impact.

Our work has been recently presented at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (HFSEA)

As leaders in the field of Human Factors, we use strategic and applied human sciences research, ergonomics principles, data, and human insights to understand human impact on our macro climates (or environments). We then deliver the right processes and technologies to drive change and optimise human and climate well-being.

K Sharp are at the forefront of Climate Ergonomics, and are pioneering ways to improve:

Physical Climate Ergonomics

  • What organisations, communities, and individuals can do differently
  • Prioritising the climate in purchase and development decisions

Cognitive Climate Ergonomics

  • How people think about climate
  • What they can change
  • How they make climate decisions
  • How we can encourage behaviour change

Organisational Climate Ergonomics

  • How to organisations make climate decisions
  • How organisations can become more climate-conscious
  • Climate Ergonomics and corporate social responsibility (CSR)


Climate Ergonomics is a new, cutting-edge project that's driving better outcomes. To find out how you can be involved with the development of this discipline, click here to drop us a line. 

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