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Climate Ergonomics at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia Conference

Climate Ergonomics at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia Conference Image

K Sharp’s Ryan Gamble leads Climate Ergonomics conversation at this year’s HFESA conference.

K Sharp’s Senior Researcher, Ryan Gamble, took centre stage (virtually) at this year’s HFESA conference in Australia to present the latest research on Climate Ergonomics.

Usually, the HFSEA conference takes place in Australia; however, due to Covid-19 the conference went virtual – encouraging international attendees. This presented a unique opportunity for K Sharp to present our research and insights.

The theme of the conference – ‘Human Factors in our Changing World’ – shone the light on the massive global changes we’re experiencing. And it was the ideal setting to introduce Climate Ergonomics – especially as we move rapidly into unprecedented and unknown directions.

Presenting new research from focus groups that included heads of some of the world’s major gas and oil companies, industry experts, and professors, Ryan’s talk centred around Climate Ergonomics principles – and how to apply them to drive better climate solutions in both the Western world and developing communities.

Click here to download, read, and share the official Climate Ergonomics guide for businesses. 

Building on K Sharp’s recently published Climate Ergonomics guide – which is a collaboration with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Ergonomic and Human Factors – this recent global talk presented how we can, as a profession, can positively contribute to working towards tackling climate change. The talk aimed to give attendees clear, actionable areas that Human Factors can help support with and encouraged attendees to consider climate conscious decisions into the design and implementation of projects. With a focus on action over theory, the conversation presented small, achievable steps that focus on optimum social inclusivity and execution.

Speaking about his presentation, Ryan says:

"Presenting at the HFSEA was a really great opportunity to share the important work we’ve been doing here in Wales in the United Kingdom.

"I’d like to think most people want to do their bit with climate change and Human Factors and Ergonomics professionals are no different. There’s some really great work been done in the community, internationally, so I’m just really glad that we’ve got to share what we’ve been doing here and Wales and learn more about what people have been doing (or thinking of doing) in Australia.

"I’ve also met some really amazing people and had a great opportunity to learn about some of the great work happening in Australia; in particular, the amazing work in visual ergonomics lead by Dr Jennifer Long"

You can find out more about Climate Ergonomics here. You can also download and share the CIEHF Climate Ergonomics guide here.