Doing our Bit - Supporting the NHS Frontline

Doing our Bit - Supporting the NHS Frontline Image

The circumstances we are living in have brought into stark reality just how much we rely on those we rarely see.  Whilst K Sharp has spent its time supporting the Military, the current crisis has brought into light, the front-line in the National Health Service.

We have been doing our bit to support that front-line and we have been doing it on two fronts.

Firstly is bringing to fruition our research and experimentation on 3D printing, where we have joined with the Amman Valley Makerspace and their 'Frontline 3D Print Farm' initiative.  Joining other "farmers" in Wales, Barry has brought our most productive printers home and has then running constantly to print out the Face-masks that are so desperately needed by NHS Staff.






Secondly, the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), was approached to provide guidance to manufacturers of Ventilators.  The call went out to the membership for what should be included on a very tight time-frame (literally hours) and Barry, amongst others, passed on the benefit of his experience in developing HMI/HCI to the guidance.  

Read the advice here

This current crisis is going to involve many people coming together to produce innovative ideas, solutions and insights and here at K Sharp, we are actively finding ways to support those people and projects in any way we can.