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Focus on: K Sharp Owner Barry Kirby and the 1202 – Human Factors Podcast

Focus on: K Sharp Owner Barry Kirby and the 1202 – Human Factors Podcast  Image

K Sharp owner Barry Kirby is one of the UK’s leading voices in Human Factors today – and his 1202 - The Human Factors Podcast now has one of the fastest-growing audiences in the field.

As one of the key influencers in the HF sector, Barry established 1202 - The Human Factors Podcast in September 2019.

The aim of the podcast? 

To share case studies, topics, and projects of interest within the Human Factors community, while also providing valuable hints and tips – as well as insights into HF tools and techniques – to help audiences with their CPD (continuing professional development).

Always one to aim big – Barry also set himself the task of using the podcast to boost the profile of HF among wider audiences and sectors.

The hook?

The guests.

The 1202 – Human Factors Podcast has attracted some of the most influential industry figures have a chat and share their HF stories with Barry. A natural host, Barry knows how to get the best out of his guests – and asks the questions that lead to the most compelling and inspiring HF stories.

Several high-profile organisations – including NASA, UK Space Agency, and CCD Design – have appeared on the podcast to date to share the insights, influences, and all-to-familiar challenges of their most well-known projects.

1202 - The Human Factors Podcast has also attracted some of the most influential leaders from the ergonomics world. Big names include Co-Chair of the new Defence Sector Group, Steve Harmer, Leader of the AI and Digital in Health Group, Dr Mark Sujan, and recent President of the CIEHF, Amanda Widdowson – not to mention the past president of the New Zealand Ergonomics Society.

The podcast has also been instrumental in featuring guests who are not necessarily HF practitioners, but whose work continues to heavily influence the sector. Barry’s chat with Welsh Deputy Minister for Transport and Economy, Lee Waters is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

To date, the podcast has over 4,250 downloads and, despite initially targeting a UK audience, has quickly gained a worldwide following – with listeners tuning in from as far afield as the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Today, 1202 - The Human Factors is one of the world’s most popular and trusted HF podcasts – and its followers continue to grow.

You can listen to and download 1202 - The Human Factors via all your usual podcast platforms – including Apple Podcasts, Google, TuneIn, and Stitcher.  

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