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K Sharp Publishes Climate Ergonomics Guide with The CIEHF

K Sharp Publishes Climate Ergonomics Guide with The CIEHF Image

K Sharp partners with the CIEHF to publish cutting-edge research and insights on climate ergonomics

K Sharp’s team, along with Cardiff University’s Professor Morgan, and Word Has It’s Vicky Morissette, have produced the official Climate Ergonomics guide with the CIEHF.

The document (also available in digital PDF) is taking climate action from the extreme to the mainstream. It explores how leaders can embed sustainability into everyday business, while offering simple, achievable methods and targets that can transform workplaces, organisations, and industries.

Click here to find out what Climate Ergonomics actually is.

Climate change is a human problem that requires a human solution. We as people, industries, and societies have contributed significantly to the planet’s current state.

This guide aims to help you, your organisation, and your people understand – and apply – ergonomic and Human Factors principles to reduce negative impact and become more climate conscious.

Designed to support business leaders, corporations, and industry to instigate behaviour change, the CIEHF Climate Ergonomics guide:

  • Provides a valuable framework that your organisation can adopt to assess, adapt, and improve your company’s climate focus
  • Offers practical steps to help you build an action plan that produces measurable cultural and behavioural change
  • Gives you the ergonomic and Human Factors tools and advice you need to shape sustainability-focused brand that delivers greener goods and services

With COP26 bringing climate change – and a drive for net zero – to the forefront of business responsibility – the CIEHF Climate Ergonomics guide has never been so valuable.

To find out more, you can read and share the guide here.