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Reflections of our Intern - Bella's thoughts

Reflections of our Intern - Bella's thoughts Image

Despite corona virus, the pace at K Sharp has not let up, we have just been doing things differently.  This includes giving opportunities to people to work with us.  Bella Barton, a recent Architectural Engineering Graduate came to us for 2 months to work with us and see how an SME works.  Despite the remote working, she was a fantastic addition to the team and made significant impact to.  This week she started at BAE Systems, but before she left, she let us know what she thought.

When Coronavirus hit and we were put into lock-down I first saw it as a blessing in disguise, I had my dissertation to finish and a design project to do and thought this is it I will focus on my university work and get it done. One that was handed in I was relieved to have finished all my work but knew I was going to struggle with being in the house all day every day with nothing to do and no job to go to.

I then got a message from Barry asking me if I wanted to do some work for him at K Sharp, an opportunity I was so lucky to have been given. I had worked with Barry in the past at my summer internship at BAE where I had never done any Human Factors work before. Barry helped me at every step of the way, made me feel comfortable and would answer all of my ridiculous questions, so I knew I wanted to work with him again.

After the excitement of getting the job and knowing I was going to be doing something I enjoyed with amazing people I got nervous about working from home again. I had struggled a lot with my university work and being at home, not having my peers to lean on and it being tough to ask people for help or ask quick questions, it just wasn’t the same as us all sitting in the library together. However these nerves and fears were quickly squashed as I started working. We had three morning catch-ups a week to discuss work and just have a chat. This meant I never felt I was working alone and always had the opportunity to talk to Barry and Jo.

The project work I completed was interesting and so enjoyable to do and it felt like my own part of the project. I really felt that my contributions were important, and I completely felt a part of the team.

I am so grateful to Barry, Amanda and Jo for letting me spend the time working with them at K Sharp and I have learnt a lot. I feel like I’m ready for my next steps back with BAE thanks to the work I did over the summer.

Thank you for having me!!