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Optical Health Monitoring Wearable Technologies

Optical Health Monitoring Wearable Technologies Image

K Sharp partnered with the University of South Wales (USW) t through the Centre for Photonics Expertise (CPE) to develop a project that explored the potential of photonics-based sensors to develop wearable technologies for human performance monitoring. This project looked at the use of these sensors in combination with other off-the-shelf capabilities to deliver innovative solutions for a variety of applications.

The primary focus of this project was on the monitoring of soldiers on the battlefield and during training exercises. With the ability to measure parameters such as hydration, oxygen, carbon dioxide/monoxide, and stress levels, the potential benefits to military personnel are vast. However, the application of this technology is not limited to the military. The research findings are of interest to a wide range of sectors, including medical, social care, and sports science.

By working together, the University of South Wales and K Sharp have explored the full potential of photonics-based sensors and wearable technologies. This collaboration involved an in-depth analysis of the data generated by the sensors, with the aim of identifying trends and insights that will inform the development of the wearable technologies. 

The potential benefits of this research are numerous, with the development of wearable technologies that can accurately measure and monitor human performance having the potential to revolutionise a variety of sectors. Whether it is monitoring soldiers on the battlefield, helping athletes to achieve their full potential, or providing valuable insights to medical professionals, this project has the potential to make a real difference.

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