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Tywi Nutrient Partnership Digital Project

Tywi Nutrient Partnership Digital Project Image

K Sharp collaborated with Vindico and Telescop to deliver an exciting project for Coleg Sir Gar, which encompassed two main objectives. The first was the development of a digital platform, while the second was the delivery of a complete marketing solution to bring the project to life.

The digital platform consolidated a range of current websites and social media feeds and expanded upon them to create a dynamic and engaging online destination. The platform aimed to educate, inform, and inspire stakeholders and the public at large about the Tywi Nutrient Partnership Project. It served as a single point of focus for stakeholders to access all project-related information, from sensor data to meeting minutes, and everything in between.

The project team worked closely with the Tywi Nutrient Partnership to produce high-quality audio, video, and graphical content that was easily shared across various media platforms. This content was used to raise the profile of the partnership and its outcomes through TV, press, web, and social media platforms.

The K Sharp, Vindico, and Telescop collaboration brought together a wealth of expertise and experience to deliver a project that transformed the way the Tywi Nutrient Partnership engaged with its stakeholders. Through the development of the digital platform and the delivery of a complete marketing solution, the project was able to reach a wider audience and create more meaningful connections between stakeholders and the partnership.

Overall, this project was an exciting and innovative approach to enhancing engagement and communication in a meaningful way. The K Sharp team was thrilled to be a part of this initiative and was proud to see the project come to life.

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